Security Tools

This page will eventually be filled with the different tools I’ve used, the links to their download and documentation, and some brief information on getting started.

Password Cracking


  • This is a 400MB iso that you burn to a CD, a very simple tool to recover your login password to your computer (providing it’s not a thin client using a network login, that information might not be found on the machine).
  1. Once loaded into any computer, just restart it and make sure that the BIOS chooses to boot from CD-ROM first, or at least before the hard disk, save settings then reboot.
  2. Once the computer boots from the CD, the application will start running.
  3. All you have to do is wait for the system passwords to appear.
  • This program has saved me a few times from my own stupidity.  If you ever lock yourself out of your computer, this tool will reset your admin password to “”.
  1. Similar to OphCrack, you burn this to a CD and boot the PC off of it.  The instructions are a bit more complicated, but you don’t have to wait for the password to be uncovered.
  2. The one downside to this is that certain files may be locked (particularly encrypted files) because of this unconventional way of resetting the password, so if you ever do remember your password you can eventually get into them.

Network Tools


  • Command line tool that shows you the status of your ports (which are listening and which are connected to)


  • Command line tool (also has GUI) that scans for open ports and helps identify target computers.


  • Formerly known as Ethereal, a network sniffer, discover packets going across a network.
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